130+ Patents, China’s Leading Space Capsules House Manufacturer

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China's Leading Manufacturer Of Space Capsule Houses With 13 Years Of Experience

LUBAN CABIN specializes in space capsules, prefab houses and micro-housing, integrating R&D, production and sales. Affiliated to Hong Kong Huati Group, it is a pioneer brand focusing on intelligent prefabricated buildings.

Luban Capsule House-company introduction


LUBAN CABIN is the professional and biggest space capsule house,prefab house and tiny house manufacturer in China and is a member of the Hong Kong Huati Group which was first established in 2003, and has a cultural tourism segment (Shandong Infinity Landscape Engineer-ing Co. Ltd.), building materials, cold chain, and commer-cial mixing, etc. In 2022, the sales of the whole group will be more than 2 billion, and the sales of the cultural tourism sector will be about 600 million, and the B&Bcapsule will account for about 1.5 billion.In 2022, the sales of the whole group will be more than 2 billion dollars, and the sales of cultural tourism segment will be about 600 million dollars, and the B&B space capsule will account for about 500 million dollars.


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Capsule House

Multi-Functional Creation Of Your Exquisite Morden Life

• Our capsule room shell is made of self-produced aviation-grade aluminum veneer, with a lifespan of up to 50 years.

• It has 20 fully automatic production lines and is guaranteed to deliver more than 200 units per month.

• Equipped with pickling workshop, pickling five times and then spraying fluorocarbon paint. It will not change color or fade for 30 years.

• Has a R&D and design team of more than 70 people and more than 50 design patents.

• Comprehensive production line, customer-centric approach to OEM and ODM customization needs.

• The capital of logistics, fast delivery, can be installed one day after arrival (finished and disassembled models are available).

• Expanded on-site assembly services to ensure smooth installation of prefabricated homes.

• Strictly control material selection and construction projects, and strictly comply with industry standards for various service indicators.

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Our team starts crafting your Space Capsule House, ensuring top-quality standards and craftsmanship.

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After production, we manage delivery and provide installation services for safe and proper setup.

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Post-delivery, we offer extensive after-sales support, including maintenance advice and query resolutions.

What Our Clients Say

Some Questions You Want To Know

What differentiates your capsule houses from traditional housing solutions?

Our capsule houses embody modern, cost-effective, and space-efficient designs, providing a blend of innovation and comfort.

We offer a range of customization options to cater to individual preferences, from design modifications to different amenity integrations.

Our capsule houses utilize smart prefab technology, ensuring robust construction, energy efficiency, and modern amenities.

Can I view a sample capsule house before placing an order?

Absolutely! We encourage prospective buyers to visit our showroom to experience our capsule houses firsthand.

Lead time is typically 30 days post-deposit, varying slightly based on order specifics.

We offer maintenance services and are available for any further assistance or upgrades, ensuring your satisfaction post-installation.



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